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  • What’s the deal with tiger nuts? 30/07/2021
    Tiger nuts have been around for centuries, with origins dating back to Neolithic Egypt where they were used as food and medicine. The Spanish have been using tiger nuts to make their traditional creamy beverage, horchata, since the 18th century. Tiger nuts are also found in Ghana and Nigeria. They are popular again in many […]
    Kgomotso Moncho-Maripane
  • Introducing the Flying Dish, a new ghost kitchen concept 29/07/2021
    How does a fun-loving beer brand promote responsible drinking? You can bet it will be something very different to what we’re used to – and it is! SAB Inbev Group has launched a new concept: a Flying Fish-branded ghost kitchen called Flying Dish. “WTFF?” we hear you ask? (That’s “What the Flying Fish” for those who […]
  • Partner content: What’s the difference between Green and SunGold™ Kiwifruit? 29/07/2021
    Zespri™ Kiwifruit have a range of vitamins, minerals and much more, making them a delicious and nutrient-dense complement to your everyday diet. While green kiwifruit is the long-standing, well-known kiwi classic, here are some details about how it compares to its yellow fruit cousin — Zespri™ SunGold™ Kiwifruit. Difference in appearance of Zespri™ Kiwifruits Visually, […]
    Independent Contributor
  • Bring on the bread: Meal-sized sandwiches are a BIG deal 28/07/2021
    Sandwiches of epic proportions are all the craze and we’re suitably “grilled” about this food trend. Massive towering two-handers – this is a sandwich challenge we accept! The humble sandwich, the OG go-to, on-the-go snack or meal, the budget-friendly tummy filler – we just love everything about sandwiches, so we’re all for this meal-sized sandwich […]
    Bianca Jones
  • 7 winter recipes you wouldn’t guess are packed with veggies 27/07/2021
    Crisp, cold salads aren’t the only way to get your intake of vitamins and minerals. These classic winter recipes are hearty and warming – and they’re an easy way to add a nutritional boost to your meal plan. Simply include a few sneaky vegetables here and there that you – and the kids – won’t even […]
    Lauren Goldman
  • 5 Olympic-worthy Amarula cocktails to celebrate with 27/07/2021
    The booze-ban wait is finally over (again) and here are five proudly South African cocktails to celebrate the 2021 Olympics. This Amarula smoothie splendour is packed with fresh fruit, tasty and pleasing to the eye. Here’s a flop-proof hack for achieving elegant sugar-crusted rims along with a fun raspberry- and lime-infused Amarula pink flamboyance to celebrate […]
    Bianca Jones
  • 5 brilliant breakfast sandwiches to kickstart every day of your work week 26/07/2021
    We have a breakfast sarmie for absolutely any mood. Spoiler alert: they all contain nutrient-rich SASKO low-GI bread that won’t break the bank! Avo breakfast toast with pesto fried egg   We’ve paired trendy avo toast with a drool-worthy TikTok trend – pesto fried egg. Serve this avo-and-egg duo on toasted SASKO Low GI Whole […]
    Bianca Jones
  • Allergic to soy sauce? Here are 5 alternatives to try 23/07/2021
    Whose pantry is complete without yummy soy sauce that you can add to stir-fry, or have with sushi or delicious dumplings? Well, some of us are either trying to watch our sodium intake, have soy, gluten or wheat allergies associated with factors like celiac disease, or are just generally curious about alternatives. Here’s a list […]
    Carmen Williams
  • Speedy sauces: How to make a compound butter for steak 22/07/2021
    A compound butter is a mixture of butter and other ingredients. You may be most familiar with the garlic and parsley butters found at many retailers, but it’s easy to make your own – and it allows you to experiment with a range of flavours and textures. How to make a compound butter First, you […]
    Lauren Goldman
  • Partner content: Airfryers – Your new favourite thing in the kitchen 22/07/2021
    For many people, working from home is the new status quo and – as many of you will attest – it often means longer hours. Nobody wants to spend the whole day working, only to migrate to another room of the house and do more work preparing a meal that takes hours! That’s where airfryers […]
    Independent Contributor
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