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Looking for a Recipe or Restaurant? Find easy for everything from Chicken to Cake. Find Restaurants, be it Sushi, Chinese, Italian or just good old South African.

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  • The state of school feeding programmes in South Africa 24/06/2022
    “You can’t teach a hungry child” is the slogan for South Africa’s Peninsula School Feeding Association in the Western Cape, which provides the resonating impetus for global school feeding programmes.  Finland is a world leading expert in school meals. As the first country to serve free school meals since 1948 (although the school meal programme […]
    Kgomotso Moncho-Maripane
  • When cooking goes horribly wrong: The Food24 team shares their tips and tricks to fix common issues 23/06/2022
    Just like holidays, diets and cosmetic surgery, sometimes cooking does not always go according to plan! (And if that seems like an obscure reference, be sure to check out DStv this month, as CBS Reality, channel 132, delves into life going horribly wrong in their new series.) But, first, whether it is your first time […]
    Ishani Chetty
  • This Food24 Taste Test reveals which vanilla store-bought cake mix is the best 21/06/2022
    A boxed vanilla cake mix is the ultimate convenience when it comes to sweet pantry staples. Whether you’re looking to make a quick layer cake, a large tray bake cake, cupcakes, or a sticky and spongy dessert, a vanilla cake mix has many uses! We put six different vanilla cake mix boxes to the Food24 […]
    Bianca Jones
  • Dry-aged lamb – an untapped market in SA 21/06/2022
    As the desirability of dry-aged meat continues to rise for meat connoisseurs, so does the curiosity around dry-aged lamb. A seemingly untapped market, dry-aged lamb is something that isn’t readily available, especially in the South African market, so we don’t see much of it in butcheries, retail stores or even restaurants. Yet why are meat […]
    Bianca Jones
  • A guide to the perfect butter chicken curry 15/06/2022
    Butter chicken curry originated in North India just after the India and Pakistan partition. It was a dish born from necessity as a famous restaurateur needed to find a way to use up spiced grilled chicken as there was no refrigeration at the time. He made up a thick gravy using tomatoes, cream, spices and […]
    Natasha Hariram
  • What exactly is white Port? 14/06/2022
    When you think of Port, you probably conjure up images of a sweet, deep-red wine with a kick, but did you know that – like wine itself – Port can also be white?  To find out more about this unusual drink, as well as how to enjoy it, we chatted to Cathy Marston, the founder […]
    Leah van Deventer
  • Should you buy an air-fryer? 10/06/2022
    In recent years, air-fryers have taken the world by storm, promising the “fried” food experience without the guilt, grease and calories. First introduced to the market in 2010, these countertop kitchen appliances are essentially small convection ovens, just with a bit more punch. Food is placed in a fryer-like basket and hot air (sometimes with a […]
    Mira Athanassouli
  • Unplugging these kitchen appliances could save on your electricity bill 08/06/2022
    With the cost of living steadily increasing and the strain being placed on the country’s electricity supply, we share the most power-consuming appliances in your kitchen.  Energy usage in appliances is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). One kilowatt hour is the amount of energy you’d use if you kept a 1,000 watt appliance running for […]
    Nomfundo Nkambule
  • Why elaichi is not your sworn enemy 07/06/2022
    Biryani is one of those dishes that is universally loved by almost everyone across the world and is a staple within the Indian and Cape Malay communities in South Africa. However, most people will admit that their euphoric biryani experience is often ruined by the bitter tang and taste of biting into an elaichi. While […]
    Ishani Chetty
  • 3 reasons a healthy meal plan should include lamb 06/06/2022
    You probably know lamb is delicious – when cooked properly, it’s tender and succulent. And versatile – just check out this herbed lamb tripe or lamb steak and kidney pie, for example. But did you know it also offers a host of nutritional benefits? Lamb & Mutton SA have shared three reasons to include lamb […]
    Lauren Goldman
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