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Looking for a Recipe or Restaurant? Find easy food recipes for everything from Chicken to Cake. Find Restaurants, be it Sushi, Chinese, Italian or just good old South African.

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  • Is lab-grown meat suitable for a plant-based diet? 22/10/2021
    Mzansi Meat, a local company, currently in its research and development stages, is gearing to have SA’s first lab-grown or cultivated beef burger available for retail in the next two years. Whether cultivated meat is suitable for a plant-based diet comes down to why you’re eating plant-based.  Veganism and vegetarians are currently accepted as individuals who don’t […]
    Andrea Fedder
  • Plant-forward deliciousness in Mokgadi Itsweng’s debut cookbook 20/10/2021
    Mokgadi Itsweng’s debut cookbook, Veggielicious, brims with delicious, easy and affordable recipes from her garden for those looking to eat more vegetables or move to a more plant-based lifestyle. From sustaining breakfasts and show-stopping mains to stunning desserts, the book sparkles with playful innovation and insight. The chef, food activist and former food editor of […]
    Kgomotso Moncho-Maripane
  • Stand to WIN a SodaStream Spirit machine for your home 19/10/2021
    Summer days are upon us, which means it’s the season for fun and exciting drinks by the pool. There’s nothing more refreshing than adding a bit of fizz and playing around with flavour combinations. The Spirit Sparkling Water Maker turns water into sparkling water in seconds and is designed to capture the essence of SodaStream’s […]
    Independent Contributor
  • The birth and boom of the G&T 19/10/2021
    Like many before her, Mary Edith Keyburn was a staunch lover of the G&T. So much so, that when she was on her deathbed at the ripe old age of 95, her nearest and dearest smuggled in the necessary elements to her hospital and concocted the cocktail in a teacup for her.  Whether Mary had […]
    Leah van Deventer
  • Why the Food24 team loves the humble roast 19/10/2021
    Memories with our loved ones and family are often filled with moments surrounded by delicious food, sitting together and enjoying one another’s company. Whether it is just another Sunday or the festive season, the humble roast forms part of our most memorable moments. The Food24 team shares what made their humble roast dinners memorable and […]
    Ishani Chetty
  • Oven roast to the rescue: The best entertaining tip yet 19/10/2021
    If you’re tired of being that “absent guest” at your own party, we’ve got the best entertaining tip! Plan to wow your guests with an oven roast the next time you entertain. MUST-TRY RECIPE: Rolled pork loin with bacon and walnut stuffing Not only is a good oven roast a super tasty crowd-pleaser of a […]
    Bianca Jones
  • Must-have foods for an epic picnic basket 18/10/2021
    Behind every great picnic is an even greater food-filled picnic basket just waiting to be opened! You can go as big and fancy as you want, but remember eating outside is a casual affair, so the food itself should be tasty and fuss-free. It goes without saying that picnic food needs to be easy to […]
    Bianca Jones
  • 3 ways to elevate Sunday family lunch 18/10/2021
    Hosting Sunday lunch for the family can be fun and entertaining – as well as a little intimidating or stressful! – so here are three easy ways to elevate your Sunday luncheon all while making sure the hosting is as fun and stress-free as possible. 1. Let the experts do it for you You really […]
    Bianca Jones
  • Unchartered: Gordon Ramsay visits The Great Smoky Mountains 18/10/2021
    Gordon Ramsay heads to the wondrous nature of the Great Smoky Mountains for the seventh episode of the latest season of Unchartered. Often called the Smoky Mountains, the Smokies or the Great Smokies, this is a mountain range along the Tennessee-North Carolina border in the Southeastern United States. A sub-range of the Appalachian Mountains, the […]
    Kgomotso Moncho-Maripane
  • 4 tips for the best mutton curry 15/10/2021
    Curry forms the foundation for Indian cuisine and is typically synonymous with aromatic flavours and spices paired with a rich and wholesome gravy-like sauce. India is comprised of an array of traditions, cultures and religions, but a staple among all these diverse sectors of a vibrant country is curry. With a number of curries celebrated […]
    Ishani Chetty
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